Zinik Fingerboard Shop

Up Bench (in stock)

This up bench is from Zinik.One of our best obstacles!Its great for begginners and pros.The bench is made of high quality wood and it cant get broken by fingerboarding.Its one of the best obstacles Zinik offers.The bench is simply perfect for all fingerboarders and now for an on sale price.It includeds evrything in the picture and the price is $7.

Bench (in stock)

Seriously,this is a great fingerboard obstacle for  great price by Zinik.It comes with express mail sticker,a lil over 20,Non sliders,foam tape and also the bench.The price is the same as the upbench $7.Buy now!

Palets.(in stock)

These palets are the perfect obstacle to make your fingerboard life realistic to the bone.Its a product by zinik and you get one for just $3 dollars.The crafsman ship is amazing!Ones and normal palet and the other is the "broken" palet with a realistic feel to it!Buy both for $5 or 1 for $3.So if you want GREAT palets for a cheap price,heres your solution!

Manuel Pad (in stock)

A manuel pad by Zinik.It includeds everything in the picture and the price is $9.It has the best sound when grinding the edges and it weighs enough that it wont move.Its not glued to the palets cus you can simply place it on top and sesh on it with out a budge.The manuel pad is as wide as the lenght of a board!its perfect!